At FoodSpace, we work together as a team that shares values and ideas. Our chefs love to create original dishes on their weekly menus that are all their own and then they share it among their
wider team.

The dish might have been inspired by a visit to a local producer or by personal experiences. Wherever inspiration comes from, every one of our chefs takes a huge amount of pride and enjoyment in sharing their stories through their food.


All our chefs are personally selected by our Executive Chef, Conor Spacey, a great chef with a real passion for creativity and food.

We’re committed to building a team of chefs that carry the same food values as us. So, as part of their interview, he asks them to cook. Not a showstopper dish. Maybe something simple like a three-egg omelette so that he can see how they work the pan? Season the dish? Do they taste it? We do this because it’s these small details that make a big difference when you’re looking for the cream of the crop.

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